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Cleaning a Gas Stove

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Avoid stress, fines, sanctions, fire & hazard risks while creating an optimal workplace environment.

Equipment Maintenance

Prolong the life of your cooking equipment & avoid expensive replacements. We utilise a variety of professional deep cleaning techniques to sanitise & remove fat & grease deposits from cooking equipment to restore equipment back to a pristine state.


Avoid Fines

All equipment used in commercial kitchens can create serious risks to customers & employees if not properly cleaned. This can result in severe & costly consequences. The best way to avoid these issues is by having all areas within commercial kitchens professionally cleaned.

Chef's Kitchen

Bespoke Services

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We have the expertise & staff to ensure that all work is conducted efficiently with minimum disruption to your kitchen.


"Excellent Service!! Very happy with the outcome highly recommended!!"


Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Improve Efficiency & Food Quality

Build ups of stubborn grime, grease & bacteria can accumulate rapidly in kitchens. This can affect the flavour of meals & equipment functioning effectively. With our eye for detail, all equipment with become & remain spotless.

Fancy Food Dishes

Improved Reputation

Avoiding bad reviews in the food industry is crucial, so it’s important to ensure industrial kitchens are consistently sanitised. Our professional cleaning methods can aid in maintaining health certificates & ensuring the public have positive perceptions of your establishment’s cleanliness.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 09.56.38.png


Our nebulizers provide a fast & effective solution to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by killing viruses on objects & surfaces.

Cleaning with a Mop
Cleaning Products

Cost Effective

Very competitive rates per hour.

Effective Customer Service

Friendly customer support.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We never consider a task completed until the customer is satisfied and gives us their seal of approval.

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