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Cleaning the Desk

Office Cleaning

If you're looking for office cleaners to maintain a spotless working environment, ensure the health of staff and maximise productivity, request a FREE quote today.

Floor Maintenance

Regular floor mopping will preserve the appearance & prolong the lifespan of your office flooring by removing stains & debris that can harm flooring.

Cleaning with a Mop

Wall Washing

It’s easy to overlook dust & grime on walls, until the dirt becomes obvious. Removing all forms of dirt off your office walls will brighten up rooms & helps to maintain a healthy & clean atmosphere.

Scrubbing the Walls

Window Cleaning

Consistently clean windows will elevate the atmosphere in any office by creating more light & a sense of stability & orderliness.

Washing Window

"Proactive, diligent and professional. The clean was of an excellent standard and communication from JFM has always been great too. Highly recommended!"


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Toilet & Restroom Cleaning

Consistently clean toilets & restrooms will keep your visitors & employees happy & healthy.

Mopping the Floor

Reception Areas

First impressions count, our staff will ensure that your reception areas are immaculately maintained.

Vacuuming the Couch

Upholstery Cleaning

Using specialised equipment, your carpets, sofas & curtains will look as beautiful as the day you chose them!

Cleaning with a Mop
Cleaning Products

Cost Effective

Very competitive rates per hour.

Effective Customer Service

Friendly customer support.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We never consider a task completed until the customer is satisfied and gives us their seal of approval.

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