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How to benefit the Referral

To benefit our customers we have decided to launch a referral service that works as follows.

Once being a customer of JFM Shine, you can recommend us to a family or friend. If the customer's contact is interested in hiring our services both (customer and the new contact) need to contact us about it.

JFM shine customer needs to send us an email with the friend or family details and also the new interested contact needs to inform us by email that he/she is contacting us through his/her friend or family member.



Once the new contact hires us for any service we will apply the following benefit:

- JFM customer who did the referral will benefit with a £10 credit note to apply in any future service

- The new customer referred will get a 5% discount of the first service.  

Send us the details

we will get in touch with you soon

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