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Sanitizing Surfaces

Commercial Cleaning

Focus on what makes your business great & let us deal with all of your time-consuming cleaning needs.

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Office Cleaning

Ensure your work space is always a clean environment for your clients & colleagues.

Window Cleaning

Consistently clean windows will elevate the atmosphere in any work place by creating more light & a sense of stability & orderliness.

Upholstery Cleaning

Extend your carpets and curtains lives with our professional upholstery service.

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Professional Disinfection

Our nebulizers guarantee disinfection of treated areas for up to 24 hours.

Jet Wash

The perfect cleaning solution for the toughest stains & for all of your outdoor cleaning needs.

Deep Clean

Deep cleans go beyond a general tidy up & involve hygienic cleaning processes that remove a whole wealth of grime, bacteria, dust & dirt.

Real Estate Agent
Sterilizing Gym

Commercial Kitchens

For all premises that cater with industrial kitchens & need to conform to health & safety guidelines.

End of Tenancy Cleans

Ensure that properties are well cleaned before moves & change-overs.


Ensure a consistently safe, sanitised & welcoming space for all members & clients.

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